The Veil: Crystalline Crown

Welcome to the jewel of Gaddha, Shaharaajy — or Raaj for short.
Raaj, the city built at the center of a salt flat, whose canopy is covered in drifting, multicolored, solar-paneled shades; whose streets are clean and egalitarian; whose residents live in harmony; whose 24 leaders, a perfect guiding council — No violence, no theft, no want — ensure the happiness of every resident. Each cared for in every way.
That’s the dream they sell, anyway.
“They” the corporations, the 24 board executives, who drained a lake — made the salt flat — and cowed an entire population to their profit margins. The corporations, who dictate and monitor every second of every single resident’s life; who determine employment and dress code alike; who raise walls and lock doors to keep their human resources confined.
Something is wrong here.

This is the first month of a quarterly series of The Veil by Fraser Simons. Being able to attend every session each month is ideal, but not required. You must sign up for each session you wish to attend. Priority will be given to those who sign up for April’s sessions.

We’ll use Zoom (you shouldn’t need to download the application if you don’t want). I’ll email all players about a week before the first session with the necessary information and links.

Safety Tools: We will use Script Change and Lines and Veils during our sessions. We will observe the Community Code of Conduct.