The Veil (Fantasy): Kriusthos

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Kriusthos is an agnostic urban picaresque setting that seeks to emulate the feel of antiquity and the more mundane nature of mythology. It embraces anticanonization; take it apart, make it your own and freely integrate all input from players. Nothing is set in stone; however, if one was to sum the core themes, tones and principles of Kriusthos, they would go as follows:

Kriusthos is a fortified island city-state on the coast of the mythical continent of Elpis. It was founded three generations ago by the survivors of a supernatural apocalypse. It is assumed that it is he last city in the world, even if smaller communities struggle in Elpis proper and its many islands.

The last individual that had lived through the diaspora died twelve years ago. Details of the old world are sketchy at best, and Elpis is not more familiar; it survived by being the domain of the Gods and it rejects understanding by the mortal peoples. The survival of the City of the Ram depends on the boldness of their youth to deal with gods, spirits, and monsters that are the true masters of Elpis.

Kriusthos is two cities: the hard-fought coastal hills of the mainland and the large island where the original survivors landed. The island—The Citadel of the Ram—belonged to the council of judges, the temples to the gods, the massive First Harbour and the bustling Great Market. Clans of the mainland send their young people in search of lost kin, treasure and on divine quests, seeking to prove themselves worthy to join the peoples’ leaders at the Citadel.

Life in Kriusthos is all about scraping by, making a life while avoiding the gods, their primal parents and their monstrous children. Every small boon, every new treasure, every extra cow saved mean survival for your family and your clan. Life is uncertain and dangerous for most mortal peoples, but every clan has it heroes that manage to join the ranks of the elder judges and councilors, enjoying the fruits of their glory and representing their community.

All mortals suffered through the apocalypse, and all of them made Kriusthos. All sorts of people make the tapestry of the Two Horns of the Roam, including even some native sapient beings of Kriusthos. Citizenship is not decided on the basis of background, bloodline or even species: all that live in Kriusthos have citizenship, restricted only by their status as elders.

Every corner of Elpis has its spirit, a god-bound to it, a beautiful and terrible demigod or a cursed mortal twisted into a monster. While the major gods have retreated into their hidden domains in the heart of Elpis, their minor relatives cannot stop meddling in the affairs of lesser creatures. Non-mortal beings always seem to weave themselves into the life of Kriusthos, and barely a day passes by without someone having to deal with them.

Mortals are only allowed in Elpis due to covenants and bounds arranged between some regretful divine beings and the first generation of Kriusthos. The preservation of those divine contracts, the tending of the sacred Citadel and the thousand taboos against the signatory divines are the responsibility of the elders. Festivals are common in Kriusthos, but none rivals the Sacred Twilight: when every mortal has to abandon the Citadel of the Ram and leave the nightlife of the
island to the gods themselves.

Other clans. Elders with secret agendas. The whims of the gods and their playthings. Mystery cults to forgotten and dark powers.The powerful spirits of Elpis. Anything that comes from the mainland to the island.What we left behind.

This game abides by the Gauntlet Inclusivity Policy. The X-Card and Lines&Veils will be in use as well as any other safety tool players deem necessary.

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