The Witch Is Dead (One Shot)

Game 3 of my Spooktober Saturdays Series

The Witch Is Dead by Grant Howitt is an RPG about cute little animal familiars seeking bloody murderous revenge on the Witch-Hunter that killed their Witch, and stealing the Witch-Hunter’s eyes to magically bring their Witch back to life.

For the first 48 hours please only RSVP if you are not already registered in another one of the Spooktober Saturday games.

System: A one-page one shot using d10s with simple rules (which will be taught)

Vibe: Comedy-horror

Content warnings: Blood, eye stuff (see the summary above), gore

Since the players will play animal familiars at risk of harm, there is a strong warning of implied harm to animals (which will be veiled as much as possible).

Breaks: On the hour or as required

Venue: Discord

Recording: Only with permission

Safety Tools: Lines and Veils, X-Card, Open Table, Script Change, and any other/additional tools to suit the needs of the players

This event will follow the Community Code of Conduct.

Sunday, October 16, 2022 1:00 AM