The Zinequest 3 loan program!

EDIT: Applications for this year’s ZQ program are now closed. Thanks!

Gauntlet Publishing is very excited to announce the Zinequest 3 loan program! Last year’s program, focused on Trophy RPG, was very successful, launched a number of new TTRPG careers, and helped turn some amazing game ideas into reality. This year, we’re expanding the program in a big way. If your ZQ3 project is related to Trophy, Brindlewood Bay, or Hearts of Wulin, you can get a $250 loan from Gauntlet Publishing. You can use that money for anything you need to make your project successful: original artwork, graphics, a project video, layout software, etc. The loan is zero-interest and only has to be paid back if your project funds. We have 15 of these loans available. If you’d like one of them, send me a direct message on the Gauntlet Publishing or Trophy Discord with the following:

-Name of your project

-A short pitch (no more than a few sentences) just so I can confirm it’s sufficiently connected to one of the above games and is not something unsavory that we’d rather not be associated with.

Here is a link to the Gauntlet Publishing Discord:

Here is a link to the Trophy Discord:

EDIT: If you would like to participate in the loan program but live in a country where you can’t do Kickstarter, @jesseross has offered to host your project on his account and help out with logistics!


Today is the last day I’m taking pitches for this!

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