There is a Caravansary hack for Trophy Gold?

Good afternoon!

First of all, I apologize for the possible clumsiness of my spelling: English is not my mother tongue and I am somewhat clumsy with it.

I’m quite enjoying Trophy Gold and wondering how far it could stretch to cover some procedural world creators (like Vast in the Dark) and gobble up exploration game ideas (like Ultraviolet Grasslands).

Most items can be adapted using standard Trophy Gold rolls or by converting locations (such as points of interest and villages) to prompts.

But an important point of these adventures is the possibility of collecting, trading and caravanning. Is there a Trophy Gold hack where this item has already been touched?

Thank you very much for your patience.


I don’t know of one but then I’m not 100% on what is out there for this. I did read a fair number of the Trophy Gold contest entries. I suppose the players would use tokens to represent something like completing a week of travel or finds? This sounds interesting to me.


I think that journeying rules will be included in the Kickstarted version of Trophy Gold, but I don’t think those are as quite in depth as something like UVG; it’ll be focused more on world storytelling than accounting for survival.