They Came To Play Ball (July one-shot)

One spot in this game is saved for Will H.

They Came To Play Ball is a GMless game of cosmic sports-horror by Adira Slattery. “In this game, you play athletes touched by the eldritch energies of the Void Beyond who are all competing on Athabasus Station in The Tournament of Bells. You belong to one of the five teams residing within Riot City, fighting and falling in love on the pitch.”

The game is based on the Firebrands framework, but no rules knowledge is expected and we’ll all learn the rules together during play.

We’ll be using Lines and Veils, the X Card, and the Open Door as safety tools, and the game will run under the Gauntlet Community Code of Conduct:

This will be a one-shot played over StreamYard, with short breaks on the hour. I’ve scheduled it for four hours, but we might finish up earlier depending how things play out. I’ll record and post the session if all players consent.

Open access time for signups is 8.30am 12 July AEST.

Signup link:

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