Things You Can Do to Help the Community

A couple months back folks asked about little ways they can help out the community. I’ll post these quarterly, starting in January. These are inspirations and options, not at all requirements, except for the first one.

  • Take a break, catch your breath. Don’t burn yourself out.
  • Be supportive.
  • Play games (here or elsewhere).
  • Talk about playing games (here or elsewhere). Share what you love.
  • Rate, review, and comment on our Podcasts. Seriously—this really helps us.
  • Write a blog post. We’re looking for 1000 words+. Anyone’s welcome to submit a pitch, even just a sentence or two. We have a list of ideas for posts here. We offer a $10 Drivethru GC or equivalent game game purchase as thanks.
  • Volunteer to do some moderating over on the Gauntlet Forums.
  • Follow our Twitter and retweet announcements.
  • Reshare our announcements on other social media.
  • Suggest things we should share on our Twitter feed.
  • The Slack’s open to anyone who has played in a Gauntlet .If you know folks who played with us, aren’t on the Slack, and might want to be, have them message us so we can get them invited in.
  • If you see someone who would benefit from our Gauntlet Gameway program, pass that on to them.
  • Point us to places where we can improve practices
  • If you’ve played/run with us and have a project or topic you want to talk about, reach out to us about being The Gauntlet Podcast. It’s all about community members and I’d love to get a wider range of voices.
  • If you run games on the Gauntlet Calendar. consider setting aside part of the first sign up times period for new members or new-to-you members. If you run a game just for new players, feel free to waive the three day rsvp hold period.
  • Keep an eye on these Forums. If you see someone asking a question or looking for help, give them a hand.