This Forum is Impressive

Not only from a moderation and community guidelines standpoint (which are all excellent and well thought out).

But I mean from a design standpoint. Topics are clearly marked with previews of their content, a snapshot of who is participating, which topics are “dead”, etc.

When you navigate around the forum it highlights whatever thread you came from on the screen, and keeps track of who is responding to whom without crazy nested indents. Not to mention the built-in tutorial and cheevos to help people stay focused and ease into the site.

After the sadness of G+ I’ve been mostly using Discord for OSR stuff. And now that I’ve been browsing this forum for a few days, it’s hard to go back.

Well done @jasoncordova . Seriously. This blog is a brilliant user experience, and the guidelines are perfect for fostering a healthy community. I’m in awe.


Its not a blog - its Discourse. But its definitely a great choice of forum software, for exactly the reasons you’ve given. Different from Plus, but more of a community feel than the traditional forum staple, phpBB.

While I’m a lurker ATM, I’m definitely a “like” on the community vibe.


Agreed: Good job, @shanel


Glad you like it, but I am owed no credit whatsoever. @shanel spearheaded this one (and our Patrons help pay for it).


Glad you are enjoying it. Tell your friends! :wink:


Still getting used to it, but agreed I dig the policies. The format will take some getting used to though. :slight_smile:
Oh, and I didn’t see a “hello from the new member” thread, so I wanted to say “hello!” :smiley:
Be well all,