This Night On the Rooftops: Fridays in January

Note: Be sure to read the content warnings at the end of the text

Magic is fading from the world and this new thing called industrialization is seizing the world. The wealthy feast and the poor starve and the city is on the brink of revolutionary change.

Tonight, though, tonight we have each other on these rooftops with the wind in our hair and the thousand lights of progress beneath us.

This Night On the Rooftops is a game of Belonging Outside Belonging where you play a gang of street kids as they survive, make friendships, and learn about themselves within a fantasy industrial city. The game is gm-ful, meaning that all players will sometimes be asked to take on GM responsibilities in terms of portraying the city and its inhabitants, but I will be facilitating and teaching as we play.

We’ll be using Streamyard to play, but the sessions will only be recorded and posted publicly with everyone’s enthusiastic consent to each.

This game will take place under the Gauntlet Community Code of Conduct and the safety tools Script Change and X-Card will be in use. I will aim to get in touch with participants through either the Gauntlet Slack or email a week in advance of the game to confirm attendance and provide play materials.

Content Warnings: This Night On the Rooftops maintains a hopeful tone, but it’s a game about portraying the lives of street kids, so that means that we’ll be likely hitting on issues of housing insecurity and that harm to children/teens may appear as a threat.

2022-01-08T01:00:00Z2022-01-08T04:00:00Z Session 1
2022-01-15T01:00:00Z2022-01-15T04:00:00Z Session 2
2022-01-22T01:00:00Z2022-01-22T04:00:00Z Session 3
2022-01-29T01:00:00Z2022-01-29T04:00:00Z Session 4