Thoughts on Tiny Dungeon?

Hi All, I am thinking about making a purchase. And to be honest I don’t really trust a lot of the review sites out there, and in current situation don’t have a lot of time to watch a lot of YouTube actual plays. I trust the players on the gauntlet, they go through games with the spirit of actual play.

  1. What kind of experiences does Tiny Dungeon do for you? (especially insightful to compare and contrast to other “light” rules type of games that can generate decent stories and experiences like WoD or DW).

  2. For fantasy I tend to like the weird fantasy - think UltraViolet Grasslands (finally the kickstarter looks like it will ship!) to Yoon Suin. My current playground after reading Chadwick’s History of the Early Church is some sort of crumbly empire with new faith coming out - but gonzo to the extreme maybe a flying head or something - and the peoples waiting for the godling head to come back. In the interim all sort of heradoxical type of behaviors in the empire over the nature of the God Head (see what I did there, took an old English word for Godhood which is Godhead and turned it into an actual head?) But I digress.

In my purchasing options are the stripped down rules, and then there are the more extensive rules with mini-settings.

So in essence two questions:
2a) how well does this system do gonzo crazy fantasy
2b) how essential is the actual full system with mini-settings either for their content or in terms of ability to instruct on how to create own mini-settings that could do gonzo crazy fantasy.

Peace to all, and stay away from the purple transcendent guardians of the God Head.



I have read but not played it but the rules have very little impact on setting or weirdness level. The focus is on combat mechanics