Through Ultan's Door Issue 2 Available now

Hi, I’m Ben L, the creator of Through Ultan’s Door zine. Issue 2 of Through Ultan’s Door is out now. It takes you down the sewer river into the Catacombs of the Fleischguild, replete with fiendish traps of the butcher priests, a blood demon lusting after a gem called the Heart of Haldicar, flayed heretics, and much more! It also has articles on house rules for playing in the dreamlands, and on the undead of Wishery–the shades of Zyan. It’s brought to life with gorgeous cartography by Gus L and art by Russ Nicholson, Huargo, Jeremy Duncan, Orphicss, and Matt Hildebrand. It is edited by the peerless Fiona Geist, who is a true wordsmith.

The zine is obviously written for OSR style games, but it would, I think, be quite hackable as a Dungeon World game. Anyway, you can check it out here:, or over on my blog Right now it’s only available in print + PDF, but as soon as the PDF is approved, it should be available at DriveThruRPG. You can ask me anything about it here. EDIT: The PDF has been approved! Get an electronic copy here:


I think you posted the wrong Big Cartel link – when I followed it I got a login page for Big Cartel. The link from your blog post ( did work however.

Thanks so much Calris. I fixed the link!

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