Tips for Belonging Outside Belonging

Hi folks! I planning to run Dreams Askew at a community game night soon and I’ve never played a game in this system. Looking for tips! Eventually I want to run Sleepaway on my actual play podcast.


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BoB is one of my fave systems!

Some tips that helped me transition (because it’s such a different mindset!)

• it’s not EXACTLY GM-less: this is what tripped us up the first time we played it. We kept getting frustrated, not really knowing what to do in the story.

• it’s more like EVERYONE is the GM, and we all take turns being NPCs. When I framed it that way, it was much easier in future sessions. The responsibilities (creative, social, etc) are shared among everyone. It was easier for the story to come together.

• Spend time exploring, being meta is really good! It can be as direct as “So does anyone have an idea for a scene? With my Torch I kinda wanna lean into this whole rabble rousing thing, because we chose this enclave element. I’m thinking maybe the Iris would be interesting to have in the scene with me?”

• Be clear about what your inspirations/pegs are: this one changed the game for me honestly, haha. “You know I’m thinking my Stitcher, she’s kinda like Mordin from Mass Effect”

• Don’t. Leave. The. Enclave. This was what we did the first time we played, and we realized that most of our moves didn’t make sense out of the community. Dream Askew is all about the community D:

• Create fun NPCs (through the 2 key relationships), so everyone will enjoy playing them.

That’s what comes to mind, off the top of my head!

Dream Askew is one of my fave systems. I’m also excited to run/play Sleepaway!