Tips for kickstarter videos


Yes, 100% this. I’ve taken time to look at failed Kickstarters, and they mostly have either no video, or a terrible video.


This is how I justify the dichotomy to myself. You want me to invest in your game but you couldn’t even get it together to create a three-minute video. Why should I trust that you’ll get it together to finish your game?


Yeah, that’s basically it. It shows effort.


I’m the same I almost never watch KS videos but if there isn’t a video I’ll always pause and possibly reconsider my pledge.

I think there are clearer ‘rules’ on what not to put in a video:

Don’t make it longer than 3 mins (pref 1.5 mins).
Don’t ‘sell’ your game by saying how it is like “just like Call of Cthulhu but better”.

Because I think that it is the missteps which will cost you sales (including the misstep of not having a vid) rather than the things you include which will gain them.


For anyone curious to see how my video turned out, you can see it here (under 2 mins!)