Total Party Kill : living life one ten-foot pole at a time

TPK is a gmLess roguelite PbtA RPG heavily inspired by the old school play style, traditions, values and vibes… trying to deliver them through modern tools.
It is, in a word, a #Grognardpunk game.

I’ve just released the first public playtest files (rulebook and play aids) and hope to be doing a good thing by sharing them here with you, veteran OSR players.
Comments are greatly appreciated, and actual playtests would be invaluable :slight_smile:


I just posted a full session actual play, in blog-form.
It summarizes 4 hours of play by chronicling the essential events round by round, also mentioning the relevant game mechanics.


  • In a single session we went through character generation, quest generation and the first half of the delve.
  • The play experience is finally starting to look and feel veeery close to the design goal, aka an experience akin to that of many “old school actual plays” on Youtube for systems like Knave, OSE, Into the Odd, etc.

That’s a very interesting concept!

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Second and final part of the delve!

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Hey folks!
As you know the #TPK rpg was conceived as part of my BA dissertation.

Currently it is not only playable, but has also reached the point at which, to complement my research data, I need to gather interactions with the “#osr world” and all those who appreciate it to any degree.
If you could help me out I would be infinitely grateful ! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

What I need help with is feedback and interaction.

So if you are interested and willing, please head to the game’s page on

Read the game files, play them if you can, but most of all please POST SOMETHING in the community section:

  • comments
  • questions
  • critiques
  • feedback
  • actual play reports

This will help immensely in building up the data for my thesis paper ! :heart: