Tramble the Traveler - A strange and mysterious merchant for magic items in dungeon world

Hello all! I’ve made a lovely little fella to help dole out cool magical goodies to your party of adventuring ruffians! I feel like buying magic items with coin can really kill the vibe of an area or region in your game worlds, but I also want a more straightforward way of distributing magical things to people in the game world that isn’t quite as stressful or harrowing as crawling through King Crazdhol’s Crypt of Colossal Crabs or what have you. So, I made this funky friend for you to throw into your games if you too need a more lighthearted way of delivering magical goodness to your adventurers for one reason or another that still has narrative power and importance (or at least moreso than going to the vendor that sells bags of holding in his curio shop).