Trilemma Adventures Kickstarter


This is something I thought would interest a lot of us in here. It’s a Kickstarter (already funded) for a gorgeous hardback collection of Michael Prescott’s two page adventures from his Trilemma blog. Each one makes far an excellent incredible additions to just about any fantasy game whether that OSR, PbtA or whatever else. Ancient ruins, cursed towers, at least one politically charged city of baffling complexity and hilarious danger. I really can’t recommend this enough.

The adventures are mostly available free over on if you are curious.


Yes, Hype does seem like the obvious location for this no that you mention it. Thanks!


Oh some beautiful stuff. If only I wasnt so broke!


Michael’s stuff is excellent. Fear of a Black Dragon covered the Sky-Blind Spire early on


Pretty certain @Michael_Prescott would love to know he’s being talked about. :slight_smile:


I love the look of the dungeons. I’m backing it to help with one-shots myself and another GM do for a newbie night. They feel perfect for that.


Just a reminder - you can see the current versions at - so you can start using them now!


I’m so hype for this! Been enjoying Trilemma adventures for years now. Can’t wait to see the wide-format re-design and have them all in a nice book.