Trophy Dark: Devil, Aim For Me! - Two-part series Thu 9/8 and Thu 9/29

They say that Bantam was shot dead and a lightning strike knocked him right back to his feet, alive again. They say the bullets ran out the holes in his chest like prairie dogs fleeing a flooded burrow. They say he made a deal at the crossroads. They say a lot of things. They say there’s a bounty on his head…

This is a two-session run of Trophy Dark, using the third-party Old West incursion Devil, Aim For Me! by Michael Van Vleet. Part Two will be on Thursday 9/29 (three weeks later). You must sign up for each individual session. Attendance at both sessions is strongly encouraged.

Trophy Dark is a collaborative dark fantasy and supernatural horror RPG. Characters will likely not survive this experience, and those who do will be forever marked. For this is not the beginning of these characters’ stories… it’s the end.

  • Concept: This is a game where PCs are desperate bounty hunters trying to bring wanted man to justice… who just might not be human after all.
  • Aim: To tell a tale of greed and hubris in the Old West that leads these characters to their downfall… and to enjoy that story as we tell it.
  • Tone: Tragic, elegiac, desolate.
  • Subject Matter: This incursion takes place in a nameless part of the Old West. Themes include gun violence, murder, fire/burning, alcohol abuse, labor unrest, ghosts, and demonic possession.

System: Trophy Dark is the original “Rooted in Trophy” game. This game shifts the setting to the Old West. All rules will be taught at the table.

Technology: We will be using the facilitator’s Zoom for video chat, a shared Google Sheet as a character keeper, and a Discord dice bot.

Recording: With the consent of the players, we will record this session. The facilitator will make the recording available to players for review, and with their consent, will post the video (or audio only if preferred) for public viewing.

Safety Tools: The X-Card, Lines & Veils, and Open Door are all in-play. We will review these tools at the start of the session. The game abides by the Gauntlet Community Code of Conduct.

Session One: Thursday 9/8/2022, 8:00 PM Eastern (UTC -4)
Session Two: Thursday 9/29/2022, 8:00 PM Eastern (UTC -4)

Trophy Dark was designed by Jesse Ross and is published by Hedgemaze Press and Gauntlet Publishing. “Devil, Aim For Me!” was written by Michael Van Vleet.