Trophy Dark: Gift of the Sea


Will you emerge with treasures long kept hidden by the sea?

Or will you become another offering and join the court of the Queen Below the Waves?

Here is a session of Trophy Dark, using my incursion Gift of the Sea from the recent Trophy writing contest.

Please note I would like to offer spaces first to those who have not yet had a chance to play Trophy Dark. If spaces are not filled after a week, anyone is welcome to join!

Content Warnings : This is a game of dark fantasy and psychological horror which will likely include elements of body horror, loss of bodily autonomy and some inter-party conflict. It is a “play to lose” game where the characters are likely doomed - we will play to find out what happens as they descend into horrible circumstances. Its sure to make a good story!

Safety and Consent Tools : We will be using Lines and Veils, X-Card and an Open Table Policy to ensure everyone has a fun time engaging with the story material in a safe environment. Tone and expectations will be reviewed before play.
The game will take place over Streamyard. It will be recorded and shared with player permission at the start and end of the game.