Trophy Dark incursion selection

I’m going to be running Trophy Dark soon for a group of friends but I am not familiar with any of the incursions and there are so many. Are there any that folks recommend where I know what content is in there so I can avoid lines for my players? If there is an existing list that would be great too.

1 Like has the issues and you can see what Incursions came out in what issues (of course there’s a ton more out there). I dug the The Flocculent Cathedral, which had a lot of rot and fungus elements, but I’m unsure what cautions the others might offer.

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This is very neat! I appreciate your reply. I listened to some of Flocculent Cathedral from the podcast actual play. I’m unsure which I will run but I’m very into the system.

I ran “A Warm and Pleasant Hum” since I had a copy from an itch bundle. It got my players hooked. I immediately pre-ordered the game on backer kit. Incursions tend to be pretty short and I think as long as you keep the theme in mind, you should probably be ok. I’m certain there are some live plays on YouTube and I believe it was discussed on Fear of a Black Dragon.


You just reminded me that I also have that from the Racial Justice bundle! Thank you. I’m probably going to run the weird west one that Michael van Vleet wrote.


Devil Aim for Me is rock solid. I ran it twice, both times were amazing sessions.
There’s an actual play on Jason Cordova’s YT which could be exelent prep.