Trophy Dark: The Twisted King (one shot)

There is a story the children tell each other, when the adults are sleeping dark dreams.

They say there’s a King, waiting for the children in the heart of the swamp.

They say there’s a Witch, who knows the way, pointing with a fingerless hand.

They say there’s a Horse, skinless and toothless, who will let you ride her to the King.

They say there’s a Mother, childless and eyeless, who will grant you any wish.

They say many things.

But once the children tell this tale, they go missing.

Never to be seen again.

Will you enter the swamp, and relieve it of its treasures?

Will you demand your wish to be granted, from the Twisted King?

Will you survive soul-intact, or will you join the swamp and the king’s rotting subjects?

Content Warnings : This is a game of dark fantasy and psychological horror which will likely include elements of body horror, loss of bodily autonomy and some inter-party conflict. It is a “play to lose” game where the characters are likely doomed - we will play to find out what happens as they descend into horrible circumstances. Its sure to make a good story!

Safety Tools : We will be using Lines and Veils, Script Change, and an Open Door Policy. Tone and expectations will be reviewed before play.

The game will take place over Streamyard. It will be recorded and shared with player permission at the start and end of the game.

Session: 2020-01-27T10:00:00Z