Trophy Expansions


Has anyone expanded the options for Trophy character sheets? More occupations, backgrounds, rituals, and drives? I love this system and want to bring it to my students’ game group, but there’s over 10 of them and I want to bring some more options to the table. This is a beautifully flexible and simple game mechanic.


Every issue of Codex since Dark 2 (where Trophy premiered) has these exact sorts of expansions.

I think @jesseross and @JimLikesGames could give some insight into how they approached creating those additional backgrounds, etc.


Thanks so much for the kind words, @Shortaaron! I’ve been compiling a list of all the character options (as well as the incursions) to date here.

In terms of making new occupations, I think most anything is on the table. If you can see them as a person desperate enough to go into the forest, they should work. For backgrounds, you have a bit more flexibility, and that’s where I like to put more strange skills.

For rituals specifically, I like to focus on things that aren’t built for combat and that provide some real possibility for backfiring or making things worse, Channel being a great example of that.

I hope that helps, and when you make your own, I’d love to see them!


Geeze. How the hell did i miss these?! This is perfect, thanks! I’ll keep you posted.


Every new issue of Codex expands Trophy (and will do so for the foreseeable future). The base game is just the start!


For what it’s worth, I’m working on a Spire-based skin for Trophy in which Drow compete in a kind of blood match to reach the Heart. I love both these things right now.


One thing to note about the backgrounds is that there’s two elements there: the thing they used to do, and the reason they CAN’T do it any more. Not just won’t do, but why they are proscribed from doing so by their government/society/social group, and it’s always best if that reason is as much of their own making as possible.