Trophy Gold Incursion Contest - Read the Entries!

*UPDATE 2: We have changed the text of the original post to reflect that, while there is no central public folder for the entries, participants are free to make their entries available as links in the replies to this post.

UPDATE 1: Someone brought up the good point that we didn’t make it clear the contest entries would be made public. I think I just took for granted people understood that would be the case based off past contests and prior discussions. I went ahead and took down the folder link. Jesse and I will continue judging the entries until we decide how and whether we want to make them public. I put together this contest as a fun way to celebrate people’s work, and so obviously I apologize to the contest entrants in the most unequivocal terms if someone takes anything but a positive feeling from this.

The submission deadline for the Trophy Gold incursion contest has passed. We received an astonishing 65 entries!

The next step for the contest is for @jesseross and I to read each entry and discuss them. We will announce the winner and runners-up on a special episode of The Trophy Podcast to be released sometime in early to mid-June.

Some rules for this thread:

  1. Keep it positive. This contest was meant to be a fun, creative exercise. Being unnecessarily harsh or critical isn’t called for in this space. If you have a criticism of a particular piece, consider framing it as a question, such as: “A question I have about this incursion is why did the author do XYZ in Set Q?”

  2. If you participated in the contest, feel free to identify yourself and include a link to your entry. The judges will not be reading this thread. This is a space where you can discuss the contest freely. You might also want to join the Trophy Discord, where the contest results will be discussed in the #gold-incursions channel.

  3. If you don’t see your entry in the list below, email us. Your entry may have gotten lost in the Google Drive shuffle, or your submission email went to spam.

With all that said, here is the list of incursions:

A Cruel History
A Pretense to Mockery
Area Zero One
Borrowed Time
Breach: The House That Wasn’t
By the Tourmaline Moonlight
Crimson Spire
Crypt of the Macurrax
Dead Guild
Desby’s Lantern
Escape from the Sunken Fortress
From the Belly of the Beast
Give and Take
Gold in the Decaying Machine
Green Dawn Mall
Harpy’s Maw
Hissing Darkness
Inherent Fears
Innocence End
Into the Forest’s Dark Heart
Labyrinth of the Mind
Léthé IV
Leviathan’s Bridge
Mother’s Milk
Mountain of Raay
Noble Rot
Oath and Folly
Of Mirrors and Reflections
Oh Valley of Plenty
Once More Into the Fire
Revenge on Firetop Mountain
Sea Caves of Doom
Sea of Dust
Secrets of the Elder Brain
Shadow Under a Rock
Submerged in Scripts
Suffer to Live
That Colossal Wreck
The Anchor of Fohn
The Beatified and Damned
The Black Box of Gondallion
The Breathing Kurgan
The Crawling Citadel
The Darkest Estate
The Depths of Wraithwoods Well
The Ephemeral Carnival
The Hollow Tower
The House of Plenty
The Janus Den
The Lord of Wolves
The Mithril Mines of Airgead Canyon
The Palace of Broken Dreams
The Saline Depths
The Sanguine Briar
The Shattered Palace
The Soul-Sword Forge
The Source of True Papura
The Tower Under the Glass Coffin
Top of the World
Undying Love
What Are the Worlds You Do Not Yet Have?
What Remains of Old Sylcairn


Hello! I am the author of Area Zero One. I thought the theme (alien) as well as the uncertainty, terror, and suspense of first contact in the modern day would be a great fit for Trophy.

I posted this before the entries were taken down so, here is a link to my incursion:


Hi All. I wrote ‘The Source of True Purpura’ (It’s been written as ‘Papura’ in the file name). The theme is ink, and it has some links to some interesting stuff about medieval manuscript and ink-making that helped to inspire the incursion. I enjoyed writing it, and it was the first incursion I’ve ever written.

Here is my document:


Hey all! Congratulations to everyone who got their entry in :sweat_smile: I wrote Undying Love, which was great fun if a bit of a scrappy rush by the end. I may have to try and work on a properly edited version in the meantime…


Hi everyone! Congratulations on submitting your incursions! This was no small feat!

I am the author of “Borrowed Time” (Theme: Cycles) and “Noble Rot” (Theme: Ripe). I’d love to talk about people’s incursions with them.

I haven’t had a chance to read all of these so far but the ones I have are amazing! Lord of the Wolves is fantastic, I’ll be haunted by that one!


Hi everyone. I’m the author of The Tower under The Glass Coffin and I beg your pardon for my mistakes in writting cause I’m Spanish :sweat_smile:.


Hey all! I wrote “The Palace of Broken Dreams” and it’s my first public incursion! Themed after dreams, the hunters explore not only the abandoned palace but also a cursed nightmare version as they sleep. Of course three seconds after the deadline I was hit with a wave of ideas for it, so maybe I’ll have work on a v2. Excited to go through and read all the entries!
EDIT: with the folder down, here is a link if anyone is interested in reading. CC welcome!


Oh, and forgot to put a description above, but Undying Love’s theme is Obsession, and it’s an incursion set in the “core” Trophy world but with themes of Gothic horror and a focus on investigation in a mostly urban environment


So I forgot it too.
The Theme os The Tower under The Glass Coffin is Guilty and it is a twisted continuation For Snowhite and the Seven Dwarfs. It’s a Dark Fantasy Dungeon.


Hey all,

I’m the author of Crimson Spire. It started off as it’s own weird one-page RPG about exploring a city in our dreams. But now it feels so much more at home as a incursion for Trophy Gold. Exploring and looking for strange relics and treasures in a city infested with the dreams of millions of beings.

The theme is dream. Everything in the Crimson Spire is just slightly off-center from what you would expect. You know things you shouldn’t, can do things you never could, but also it all makes sense? I hope you enjoy walking and hopefully waking from the Crimson Spire!

You can find the incursion for free on Google Drive. I’ll be making a nicer formatted version for itch in a week or so!


Hello! Congrats to everyone who submitted.

I’m the author of “The Mithril Mines of Airgead Canyon”. The theme is Hubris and it’s designed as a one-shot intro incursion for new Trophy Gold players that plays on some real classic RPG tropes.

In some ways the incursion is “Trophy Lite” with the horror turned down, but a GM could easily turn up the horror and suspense if they wanted to.

This is the first time I’ve written an adventure/incursion for others to read.



I contributed Submerged in Scripts (Theme: Drowning). It seems someone else had a similar idea (Sea Caves of Doom; Theme: Suffocation), so I guess that theme is trending :wink:

I skimmed a few entries and decided I will run The Saline Depths tomorrow for my group, so whoever wrote that: thanks!

EDIT: As the folder has been removed: Here is the link to my submission:


Hey y’all! I wrote the House of Plenty (theme: hunger). Some of inspirations were the pigoons (from Margaret Atwood’s Oryx and Crake), the video game Darkest Dungeon (specially the Warrens and the swine men within), and those barbecue restaurants signs that have pigs dressed as chefs presumably cooking and eating other less well dressed pigs. I look forward to reading the other entries!


Hey everyone. I wrote the “By the Tourmaline Moonlight” incursion. It has a theme of loss. I wanted to try writing something that had a limited window of opportunity. I know that I am going to have to do a second run at it to clean up a few places. I can’t wait to read the other entries, I know there was some great discussions on Discord. Good luck everyone.

If anyone wanted to read it, here is the link to my entry:


Hello all, I wrote Escape from the Sunken Fortress, theme Depths, wherein the Hunters have been caught by fish creatures and must escape an underwater landscape.

Edit to add link:


Hi, folks. My submission was “Harpy’s Maw.” The theme is “Tides”. It’s my first TG incursion. I set it in the Trophy Loom world, using a number of references I found here on the Trophy crowdsourcing entries. I finished the last two sets just before the deadline, and they feel a bit rushed, but I’m still pretty proud of it!


Hi all, I’m the author of The Hollow Tower (theme: void), where the hunters are exploring a laboratory in a skyscraper inspired by the monumental architecture of the Eastern Bloc. Some of the touchstones I drew from for this were the movie Stalker, the unfinished Ryugyong Hotel (, and a great-great-uncle’s story about the building where he was interrogated before being sent to Siberia.


I don’t see a link to the Google folder…

Am I being oblivious or is it a mobile browser issue?

[EDIT: Didn’t see Jason’s update that they took down the links. Bummer. I’m happy to share mine: Just DM me.]


So, if you want to read mine, here it is


I really like Noble Rot!

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