Trophy Gold Incursion Contest

The Trophy Gold Incursion Contest is now LIVE! It runs until April 13th. You can read all the details here:

Please use this thread if you have any questions or simply wish to discuss your ideas for the contest.


UPDATE: The contest has been extended to May 15th on account of disruptions related to coronavirus.


Sorry if I’m missing something glaringly obvious here. The guidelines state:

“Entries will be judged on creativity, writing quality, and how well they evoke the chosen theme word.”

Is there a theme word given anywhere?

You come up with your own theme word. You’ll be judged, in part, on how well your incursion reflects it.


…yep, that should have been obvious, sorry. Thanks for the quick response!

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No worries—others have asked

Hurrah! Finally got mine finished and submitted. @jasoncordova I still sometimes have alias issues with my mailbox, so please let me know if it’s not come through

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Alas, I had planned on submitting to this contest but I was consumed with another contest at the same time AND work is exploding…still I have been in an Old West frame of mind so I was thinking of doing a unique excursion in an abandoned haunted by killed union men in the 1880’s. Maybe I still will, contest or not.

Phew! Just finished my incursion. I had something planned for the previous Trophy Dark contest but I couldn’t get it together in time. I’ve reused some of those ideas for this God incursion and I’m pretty happy with it. I’m excited to see what other folks have put together!