Trophy Gold: The Chasm of Screams

High on the slopes of Mt. Fallor is an abandoned cave of no real prominence. Few have ventured into its depths, and even fewer have come back. Most who return tell stories of frozen rivers and disappointment, some come back with stories of screams from the depths, but one came back with something greater. An old man, hooded and cloaked, rode into town the day before yesterday. Before leaving town he sold a pair of silver ingots engraved with strange runes, and told the shopkeep that he found them in the Chasm of Screams. Now the town is abuzz with rumors, speculation and preparations, and if you can get there first there might just be some ancient silver in the frozen depths.

Trophy is a game of desperate adventurers; treasure hunters who must brave the depths of the world to recover treasure and pay their debts. We will be running through the module The Chasm of Screams, written for Pathfinder by Tim Hitchcock and converted to Trophy by me.

This is a 3 session play-through. Attendance at all three sessions is highly recommended but not required.

You can find more information about Trophy at The rules of the game will be taught, no prior knowledge is necessary.

This game will take place over Zoom. It will be recorded and shared with player permission.

Content Warnings and Safety Tools

This module may include the following topics. We can use Lines and Veils to mitigate some of these if necessary, but by default these will be in play:

  • Graphic descriptions of injury or violence
  • Desperation and obsession
  • Isolation

We will be using Lines and Veils, Script Change, the X card, and the Open Door policy. All of these will be explained at the beginning of the session.

2020-05-08T00:00:00Z Session 1
2020-05-15T00:00:00Z Session 2
2020-05-22T00:00:00Z Session 3

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