Trophy - No Masters (one-shot, play test)

Join me to play a one-shot game of Trophy - No Masters: a GM-less modification of Jesse Ross’s awesome game. As with the original, we will play treasure hunters delving into a mysterious forest that doesn’t want us there. The key difference with the original game is that the forest does not take over our minds; rather, it strips away the lies concealing the real motives for our attempted plundering. In other words: The true horror was inside of us all along.*

The session will last 4 hours. I would also greatly appreciate it if people can hang out afterwards to briefly discuss the rules modifications. If everyone agrees, we will record the session.

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I want you to have a fun and safe game. Gauntlet’s Inclusivity Policy will be in effect. We will establish lines and veils at the top of the session. The X-card is also available during play. If you aren’t comfortable raising an issue yourself, please feel free to privately message me so I can address it as the facilitator. I also welcome critical feedback of myself.

*My underlying goal is to promote critical thinking about the rationalizations that we use to justify our exploitation of people and nature.