Trophy - No Masters (one-shot)

Join me (Larry S) to play a one-shot game of Trophy - No Masters: a GM-less modification of Jesse Ross’s awesome game. As with the original, we will play treasure hunters delving into a mysterious forest that doesn’t want us there. The key difference with the original game is that the forest does not take over our minds; rather, it strips away the lies concealing the real motives for our attempted plundering. In other words: The true horror was inside of us all along.*

The session will last 4 hours. I would also greatly appreciate it if people can hang out afterwards to briefly discuss the rules modifications.

I am hoping for a total of 3 players: myself, SabineV (pre-reserved) and one other player – hopefully YOU!

If you are interested in how I modified the rules, you can check it out (and comment, if you like) here: However, you do not need to read the original or modified rules to play; I will teach the game at the start of the session.

I want you to have a fun and safe game. Gauntlet’s Inclusivity Policy will be in effect. We will establish lines and veils at the top of the session. The X-card is also available during play. If you aren’t comfortable raising an issue yourself, please feel free to privately message me so I can address it as the facilitator. I also welcome critical feedback of myself.

*My underlying goal is to promote critical thinking about the rationalizations that we use to justify our exploitation of people and nature. We’ll see if it works!



Wow! I love this! :black_heart::black_heart::black_heart:

Please let me know how the game goes – and I’d love to watch the recording if you choose to share it!


Thanks so much! I will definitely share the video with you as long the others agrees. Cheers!


Signed up and looking forward to this! I’m really into what you’re proposing here - I haven’t had a chance to play Trophy yet either but have been following it closely and enjoying the content submissions a lot. Both the themes of Trophy and your variation (the adventurers are already corrupt but the forest brings it out) are very much my thing, an its something I’m dabbling in with some writing of my own. Cheers!


Nice to have you on board! I’m also glad you are contemplating similar design challenges. Hopefully we can have a fruitful conversation as well as a fun game! :slight_smile: