Trophy Podcast: The Flocculent Cathedral - Ring 01

Walk with us a while, won"t you? Check out our new Trophy AP podcast, as @ jasoncordova6 guides 3 characters towards the Flocculent Cathedral.
A new tightly-edited actual play series in small, bite-sized chunks.

This time…
Kasien, Baso, and Orlen begin their journey into the swampy Fen.

Time Codes
00:02:20 - CATS
00:06:38 - Character Introductions
00:11:00 - Incursion introduction
00:12:29 - The edge of the Fen
00:18:33 - The mangrove path
00:32:40 - The shanty

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Overall good stuff, entertaining and well produced.

I deliberately listened to 01-Eight Legged She, then this episode so I could compare and contrast.

Audio quality-Excellent for both.
Sourcing scene elements from players-Often.
Gameplay-Happened quickly for both with a thorough but minimal introduction.
Sharing the spotlight-Excellent for both.

Genre - Each scene was introduced by the MC with style and tone in the description, then the players advised of their responses-keeping with that style and tone.

The main thing that stood out is the intro/outro music for Keepers was super dramatic, it’s from an opera or something, but the Trophy one is more like a ballet, sombre in fitting with the tone.