Trophy: Star Wars - The Sith Temple (Sunday, March 1st, 2 pm GMT)


Long ago, in a Galaxy far far away ….

[This is an opening crawl]

Legends from the past! In long-forgotten Istahal, an ancient Evil awaits! Brave treasure-seekers have come to enter the Temple of Darth Malfara, the Sith Mistress of the Dark Force. Will they prevail and find her ancient treasure? Will the gain the powers of the Dark Side, while a fire storm brews on the horizon and the Empire’s troops draw ever closer?

This is a game for some brave Treasure Hunters trying to explore the mysteries of an ancient Sith Temple. This is a game of Trophy, so it’s a horror game where the characters are expected to fail in a terrible way (or - even worse - succeed in a terrible way). We’ll talk about Lines and Veils before we start the game, and we’ll also use the X-Card and Open Door policy. We will adhere to the Gauntlet Code of Conduct (

Sunday, March 1st: 2020-03-01T14:00:00Z:

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