TTRPG Design Project - introduction assistance wanted!

After a few false starts, I figure I may as well simply ask outright - I’d like to introduce a project of mine for feedback and discussion, but I am frankly totally unsure of where to start. How should I go about framing the ideas, setting, concepts, etc. to begin introducing my project in the first place! Any kind of framework you could suggest would be greatly appreciated. I’ve done some work on it over the last few years but a lot of it is pretty scattered, and I’m not entirely sure how to go about organizing all the ideas for presentation here, so if anyone has some suggestions to start from I’d be grateful

You could treat it like a project and use a project management template. It gives you space to put in your goals, risks, challenges and scope.

I’d go with the basics -

genre - fantasy, sci fi, horror. one option is to say mash up of X, Y and Z films.

situation - what the characters will be doing - investigating crime, enduring high school, exploring alient worlds.

setting - do the players make it up at the start, is it on earth or a version of earth, or an existing fictional place?

Did you want to use cards, dice or both? will you be calling for rolls/cards often or when it suits the story?

example - Monster of the Week is set on a supernatural version of Earth, present day.
the characters spend most of their time investigating supernatural events and creatures and removing threats to humanity. rolls are called for to adjudicate difficult circumstances.

If you are looking for the pitch, I’m fond of the, “It’s a mashup of X and Y, where you do Z”.

It’s a mashup of Sense8 and Colony where you play teenagers that have just been activated and are already being hunted.

This assumes that everyone knows everything (not literally but you get the drift). This probably works for many people here but if this is OPs first foray into game design (which may or may not be the case), it’s likely they won’t know that many things to reference. I like to start with Power 19 but that likely doesn’t fit all types of designs.