TTRPGs in VR: recommendations, leads, discussions?

I have been looking for any TTRPG products for VR systems without a lot of luck, and was wondering if anyone knows of any or would recommend any?

I’ve found Aeksia but the webpage, twitter account, and subreddit don’t have recent activity, I’m not sure of their current state.

I’d be interested to know more about that project - on first read, it looks like it mimic’s Roll20 or BeyondDnD but in VR.

I was looking for something more like the Unreal or Unity3D engines, but for PbtA, if such a thing exists.

I’m relatively new to RPGs and was hoping that the community would be able to help where my own search has failed.

Hi, I think there are always some creators poking in that direction but it takes a lot of money to develop for a very uncertain effect. Obviously, the best content will be where the money is, in videogaming, rather than in TTRPGs. Having to prepare setting and interactions in advance goes counter the main advantage of TTRPGs, openness, and IAs are still a long way from there.

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Thanks @DeReel, appreciate the answer. I feel like the RPGs and VR are a really good match, but there’s a lot of groundwork to put in without much in the way of return initially - more outgoings than a garage operation could handle anyway.

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