Twisted Rifters now available

Hello everyone, after a successful Kickstarter, Twisted Rifters is now available at DTRPG. Thanks to everyone who supported the project and I hope you check it out.

Description: Twisted Rifters: A Game of Floating Signifiers is a tabletop roleplaying game about arcanically-deformed outcasts surviving on a floating island chain. Suspended by a sentient “rift” emanating from the caustic mantle below, the archipelago and its citizens desperately seek to restore the fragmented masses of Erstwhile to the surface. You have been twisted by the rift, possessing distorted powers that hint at the return of a long-absent magic. The Ersters fear and revere you. Some even seek to harvest your powers if it might slow the entropic splintering of the islands. All you know is that the world is breaking beneath your feet and you have some part to play in its salvation.

The game features a simplified tag mechanic in the style of John Harper’s Blades in the Dark and Jesse Ross’s Trophy:Dark . It emphasizes world-, character-, and narrative-building through language and word choice. The zine features:

  • A simple 3-page ruleset
  • A quickstart guide with session zero notes and opening prompts
  • An armory and some sample tags
  • 12 character concepts (including The Hive, The Contagion, The Non-Existent Knight, and Mother Ascendant)
  • Notes on interesting islands, rumors, creatures, and houses

The game is scalable from 2-10 players (plus an “Editor” who directs the flow of the game).

Printed zines will be available in early May.

I hope you check it out.