Unable to post in Hype

Hello! New to the forums and I was trying to post to Hype, but it didn’t come up in my options for topics. Does anyone have any insight into this? Thanks in advance!

Hype is only open to users of trust level 2 or higher. You raise your trust level by reading, liking and posting items on the forum. We do not want it to become a placr where people spam their projects. It is a section where our community members can hype their stuff, or anything they are interested in promoting within the ambit of the forums.

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I see! Thank you for the feedback! I suppose I’ll need to participate a bit before I can post my Dungeon World supplement on here then?

Yes. If you have specific feedback you are looking for and want to discuss on the forums you can post it for people to read and respond to with questions in the RPG Design category, but if you want to promote a complete project in Hype, you need to participate in the community first. Looking forward to your contributions here!