Under the Evershade of the Star Tree



I’m really excited to run a Knave-based hack using the Star Tree setting from Sunlight. It’ll be streamed live from 1-4 EST next Sunday, the 21 by Critical Bits Cast. The stream is for charity, so if you can tune in, it’d be really great and appreciated by many!

More links to the stream will be incoming, but just in case you set your schedule by twitch, this is a great charity stream to put on the calendar, and will showcase the strength of the Gauntlet publication!


This sounds so cool! I’m not very familiar with Twitch, and I’ll be in the midst of moving when you’re playing. Is there any way I can donate beforehand or afterward?


THey’ll have more information here: https://www.criticalbitcast.com



Thanks! I’m one of the few people who doesn’t use Twitter.