Unincorporated, a story game about small-town drama

Just released the public beta of Unincorporated for the price of whatever you want, on itch.

It’s a mostly-GMless story game with a streamlined character-and-setting creation process, meant for one-shots or short campaigns – like, say, a normal Gauntlet series.

The mechanics are simple and mostly familiar but with a couple of twists that fit the theme: You have 4 Reputation stats to start with: Jock, Nerd, Prep, and Goth. Dice rolls determine who gets to decide what happens next. There’s a token system that allows you to change your roll results, shift your Reputation stats, or, eventually, invent a totally new stat to reflect what you as opposed to the people around you, think you are.

If you play it, please tell me what still needs fixing!