Unspoofed games?

I edit a small RPG-zine, in it there’s this running gag where the contributors review or promote things that don’t exist.

But if this game did exist, what would it be like?

I invite you to post your own spoofs in the thread, show us games that never were, and regale us with stories about playing them.


H, it’s totally Pendragon in Space!


I think a few people have run Pendragon in Space. Something with anime sensibilities and mecha?


PBtA Mean Girls. You can play in High School or in the office but one of the moves is definitely called “It’s Brittney, bitch!”


With the hyper-realistic tag on it I’d bet it’s more like OSR warhammer4k+Traveller 1e


Imagine Penn and Teller’s “Desert Bus” video game, but an RPG. And in space.


»Banana Republic - Grow influence and a capital amount of bananas! « is the latest PbtA spinoff where you are an ambitious monkey trying to gain followers giving you their vote in the upcoming election to become consul.

Playbooks include:

  • The demagogue
  • The soldier
  • The noble

and many more.

Favourite move:

Scratch an itch when you give a fellow ape what he desperately wants.

Roll without stat:

  • on a 10+ he promises to vote for you and you get 1 forward to convince his followers
  • on a 7-9 he promises to vote for you but each vote of his followers cost you a banana
  • on a 6- he accuses you openly of bribery in the senate

Available at drivethroughrpg.com


I’ve been playing The Year of Our SWORD with my local group a lot lately. It’s about as silly as it sounds. It’s about not-Christian knights who belong to not-Christian military orders and they fight each other in not-Reformation wars. It’s all set in not-Europe, complete with anachronism that I’m confident the authors never even studied (or knew) what kind of place Europe is. But get this - the best part is that this is an orthodox wuxia TTRPG.

I’ve read that the designer wanted to make a game that parodies Western orientalist depictions of the Far East, with how it’s a mystical and fantastic land populated entirely by kung fu warriors. This is kinda personal but I don’t know if I really align with their stance or their approach… but The Year is a complete guilty pleasure for me.

Anyways, the game is pretty simple. Trad-ish. You need a small handful of d6s and a d4 (the BLADE and the TIP as the game calls it). You roll them and the techniques you can pull off are based on what numbers you roll. So, for example, the BLADE rolls two evens and a 6, and the TIP rolls a high. Then I can execute CRUCIFIX AWL TRIPLE SLASH, a super technique available only to the Light Defender Order. Most techniques are simpler than that, but I used that as an example since it sounds so silly. It’s got a clunky action economy system, though, but I recognize that it kinda helps literary wuxia combat scene flow.

Honestly, I don’t know how well this would be received by an audience that actually lives in Western cultures (it’s sometimes super mean and offensive with the parody aspect, and intentionally so). But if you can get past that, I’d recommend trying it.


Oh, wow. Now I really want to hear what kinds of “super mean and offensive parody” this game features, because it sounds pretty amazing. :slight_smile:


There is a game called alien probe but I can’t go into the details. It’s not safe for work and can be offensive. There is a number of games I can’t share the details due it possibly offending people but here is the names.

Serving Dictators: Life without burden
Protecting Merica
Are we family? Is this legal?
Dungeons and Dragons Millennials
What we bury: The Las Vegas Dessert
The life of a Furry
How would you kill them? An RPG of hypothetical
Linda I can’t believe you broke up with me, so I created an RPG where you take me back so we can be together forever. I miss you. Please take me back. I’m nothing without you.
Unexpected changes:the RPG for puberty


My favorite thing about it is certain situations when you’re interacting socially and only allowed to roll the d4.

Every time my GM tells me he’s giving me ‘just the Tip’ I can’t even.


This is an incredible list. I have no idea if you’re serious or if it is parody, but reading it totally made my day. Wow.

I once wrote a game about losers working in a dead-end office job, a la Dilbert meets Office Space, so maybe I shouldn’t point fingers, though.

It was called Impotence: the Impairment, and there was a diceless version as well as one which worked on Fudge dice. Also, the office workers spent their free time playing a fantasy MMORPG together, which was part of the game (and had really clever simplified D&D rules!).

Ah. That was a long time ago. I don’t know if I should be sad that I never played… or glad. I certainly had a lot of fun writing it. I had a lot less sense back then! (he says, eyeing the title suspiciously)


Oh man, I played this D&D 4E hack called Philosophers & Demigods and I’ve been looking for an excuse to talk about it.

It’s set in mythological Greece but it’s more of a superhero game than anything else. Each major city or region has a group of heroes called a band, like “the Athenian Band” or “the Band of Thebes”, but they’re more friendly rivals than open enemies even when their home cities are at war. Instead their real enemies are titan spawned monsters, hubristic madmen, and barbarian warlords who threaten all of civilization (meaning Greek civilization).

Individual characters each have an origin which describes the source of their powers. These are fairly broad - Demigods are descended from or otherwise empowered by the gods, Philosophers have achieved a deeper understanding of reality, Hephaesteans have constructed clockwork armors or other mechanical devices, Olympians have perfected their bodies through training and competitions, and Volcanists have been transformed through contact with volcanic gases or other rare elements. (I’m probably forgetting one or two.)

Instead of a class you got two power sets. Like my character (a Volcanist) had Myrmidon which gives you armor and some defender-ish abilities, and Elementalist focused on fire so I could throw fireballs and set things on fire and, y’know, burn stuff. One of the others had a Philosopher who had Pankration (basically martial arts) and Oracle (she had some kind of supernatural senses and could evade attacks by seeing the future).

The skill list was mostly standard 4E and skill challenges were mostly the same, but all the equipment was just description on top of your powers. Feats were more big abilities like in 5e than the endless number of small bonuses.

I remember the last fight was against this massive sea dragon turtle thing that was besieging the harbor in Athens with an army of trident-wielding fishmen which I think were just reskinned Kuo-toa.


It’s the 2080’s and the police cruisers of Andromeda never get any rest! As a Space Cop of Andromeda, you journey through outer space shutting down brothels full of alien women and sexy robots, cults that worship the Hells Angels and defunct Harley-Davidson motorcycles, and stop Empress Zlo of the Crimson Empire from conquering the galaxy! Can your team of Space Cops stop crime and save the galaxy? Or, will they succumb to the allure of the brothels and crime?


The Cookie Crumbles is a game about rival gangs of confectioneers in a world of high-stakes baking.

The player characters form a crew of bakers and their support personnel - there are playbooks for both - and they compete with other groups to impress wealthy patrons, win awards, and gain fame and wealth.

There is a lot of room for dirty tricks and sabotage, but no violence. (Baking cakes and making pastries is Serious Business, but that’s no reason for barbarism.)

The Cookie Crumbles is all well and good but I prefer the expansion wherein one plays a detective in the Food Police department, run by Chief Inspector Cole: Cole’s Law

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The thread, though not that specific title. I believe the thread drifted to not only post descriptions for that title and you woke it up and reminded me it existed.

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