Using topic tags on the forums

Would there be any value in being able to add tags, like for games played, or games run, or games designed as a thing on the Gauntlet Forums and if so, where would be the best way to show or share that with others? I ask because I see this on other websites and I wonder how useful that is to connect people or not. Thoughts appreciated.


Tags as in per user? There’s an about section in your profile and I’ve seen people stuffing their primary games there. It’s not easily discoverable though and you can’t, say, filter users by that content.

What can be done is a wiki post that’s editable by everyone rank (I think) one or above. If properly organized, this (or a Google spreadsheet for that matter) could work.


Is there a wiki page here on the Forums or associated with the Gauntlet community?

Wiki is a type of post you can write if you’re level 3 IIRC. It’s a feature of Discourse (forum engine used here). In essence this means that you start a thread and your original post can be edited by anyone.

But I checked for something easier to use and custom fields that can be shown in user profile and on user card are part of the core:

So admins could add fields “games I play” and “games I run”. But this doesn’t solve discoverability problem.

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So is there a way to link the data in a custom field to a spreadsheet in the forums or outside in a Google Sheet owned by the Gauntlet?

It is technically possible but it’s pretty involved and I’m not sure you really want it. How do you prune data that’s old (and do you do that?). Do you prune data of inactive users? How do you define inactive user?

It seems to me that wiki would still be the way to go with two lists*: 1. a list of games people can add their name to and 2. a list of names and games played/run (+date this was last updated). You can have quarterly call to action asking people to update. It’s not high tech but should work.

But I guess the key question is: what would you like this list to be used for? I can think of multiple use cases but I wouldn’t have any use for any of those (but i’m probably in minority so please don’t take it as a judgement call).

* or 3 if you want the “designed” list too

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I don’t know how useful people here would find something like this so something low-tech would be fine. I’m just not sure who should own the document?