UVG - what is a cogflower

Reading through my UVG, inspired by @HorstWurst blog and UVG with whitehack.

Rolling some pc’s up to have as pregen

These may be stupid questions - but to folks out there what do some of these mean in your games:

cogflower necromancer lawyer
(Cogflower also mentioned in emerald city with Cogflower Paladins and Cogflower corporations.

Wine vampire priest - a dwarf? Are they vampires that are undead? Or do they have a need to drink grapes or suck the alcohol and flavor out of wine?

What is Safranji and Saffarian (spelling three different ways in book) is it the city in yellow lands?

Finally what is a Tumult Fish Wizard?
What does Tumult mean in this context, like chaotic and loud or is it something else.
For some reason I imagine the fisher king, and a robin williams like character.

Thanks in advance - I can try to cobble something together - and of course I would ask players - so don’t really need that kind of advice. More what do you see in UVG for these character types if you had them as a character (espically in a open ended game like whitehack)


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I had a Cogflower Necromancer Lawyer who envisioned the church as preaching prosperity gospel. Sadly the necromantic aspect never came up. I also had a Tumult Fisher Wizard from the Tumult University who could perform Indiana-Jones-like tricks with his rod and even pull useful items from the world beyond. Safranji is referred to as a faction within the Yellow Lands (I think) and Saffarian is the language spoken there.

Those all cool. I kind of think of a Cogflower as kind of like the standard oil of bio-mechanical stuff. So they push things like mechanically enhanced flesh golem servants to the rich. Their most popular selling item is shin-plows where the guy driving the oxen to plow has been fitted which big plow blades that he has to slog behind the ox saving time.

For the rich Greenlanders on the go is the auto writer - a little goblin like creature that has one hand a fountain pen and the other an ink pot. It has huge ears and scribes and lawyers keep them around to dictate their letters and contracts - sort of like speech to text. And you can use it while driving your caravan safely?

You think stuff like that?

A necromancer would be helpful to make the zombie servitors?

What about wine vampires?

Oil barons, flesh golems and auto writers definitely sound UVG to me! For the vampires: I had a player rolling the vampire wine thermos as a starting item and we established that there is the rumor the wine was originally infused with actual blood but they ditched it - just like there is no cocaine in Coca-Cola anymore. Other than that the wine vampires never came up.