Velvet Glove playtests - girl gangs in the 70s

2 sessions of Velvet Glove playtests taking place in July!


Each session will last 3 hours and will be recorded. It is a one-shot playtest, meaning that the rules are not yet complete. It is a playable game however, and I am looking at specific things to playtest, so I may ask you to use a specific playbook, playbook move, or set up a specific scenario. We should still have fun, though!

Velvet Glove is a PbtA tabletop role-playing game where you play a teenage girl in a gang on the streets of 1970’s America. Take exploitation movies like Faster Pussycat, Kill! Kill! and Switchblade Sisters, plus a little exploration of coming-of-age movies like The Outsiders, add in a gender twist, and you get Velvet Glove .

The Gauntlet Inclusivity Policy will be in play and safety tools X-Card) will be in use. Anyone 21+ is welcome to play, but some topics that may come up include: drugs, teenagers having sex, racism, sexism, and violence.


This is great to see! I played in your Velvet Glove one-shot at Breakout 2018, and it was one of my favourite games of the con.

Highly recommended. Intense and personal, though, so be prepared.

Thanks, Paul! I’m so glad to hear you had fun in the session at Breakout.