Viewscream: Black Widow, Brown Recluse (One-Shot)

> “This is a distress signal from the starship Black Widow. We are in grave danger, and request immediate assistance. Recluse, the artificial intelligence that controls our ship, has just gone antipathic, and is attempting to kill us. Most of the crew were wiped out within the first few minutes. Only a few of us remain, and we are stranded in war-space, littered with quantum anomalies from the Anubis Conflict. Please help us.”


ViewScream is a live-action game specifically designed for play over video-chat software. Each of us will play one member of the surviving crew: Bridge, Engineering, Helm & Sensors, attempting to find solutions to the problems which threaten out continued survival. At least one of the characters will die.

Once we begin play, all video/voice interactions will be in character (subject to safety concerns) - out of character communications will be in the chat. Actual play is expected to take 60-90 minutes.

Content Warnings: Character Death, Impossible Situations, Horror.
Safety Tools: X-Card, Lines and Veils, Open Door.
Breaks: Two 5-10 minute breaks, either side of actual play.
Code of Conduct: This event adheres to the Gauntlet Community Code of Conduct.
Technology: Facilitator’s Zoom
Recording: This session will be recorded, but only shared/posted with everyone’s enthusiastic consent.

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I will send links and further information in an email one week before the game. Please check your SPAM folders if you don’t see anything from me.

RSVPs open to all on July 5th at 11pm GMT+1

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