Vigor: Into Dust – Open Playtest

Howdy Friends!
Looking for folks who want to join the open playtest of a game we have coming to KS in November:

Vigor: Into Dust – Character-Forward Collaborative Storytelling in a World on the Brink.

If you jump over to, you can click the link to join the playtest Discord and get a free beta pdf copy of the game.

I’m curious as to what jumps out at you about the game in general, but I’m looking particularly for any feedback on the sections on Assets (items), and The Dust (magic). Those are on pages 40 and 22 of the pdf, respectively.

Both are intentionally built to allow the players to create on the fly, but I wonder if they’re too vague, or if there’s enough to feel like you can build off of. It’s hard to get that balance right with a game meant to leave a lot of worldbuilding to the players, you know?

Anyway, I’d love your thoughts if you’re interested!