Visigoths vs Mall Goths (March)

One place in the game is saved for a player not on the Gauntlet - except for session three, when there’s one extra place for a special guest star to play.

It’s Valentine’s Day and you’re sitting in Floppy Joe’s Cyber Chilli internet cafe, checking America Online. You still don’t have a date for tonight’s big skate at the Hyper Grrrl Roller Rink, everyone’s talking about this Omni-Goth Purity Test that you’re worried you might not even fail, and the Visigoths are holding a popular Mall Goth hostage and demanding you stop hanging out on the bottom floor of the mall. How are you going to deal with all this before the mall closes tonight??

Touchstones: Lucian Kahn’s Visigoths vs Mall Goths plays like a campy, heavily queer 90s sitcom hybrid of Empire Records and Weird Science. The tone is absurdist humour and romance. It’s pretty sandboxy and episodic so even more than most Gauntlet games, you’re welcome to sign up for just one/some sessions if that’s what suits you. No rules knowledge is required and I’ll teach the rules during play.

Subject matter: I’ll be aiming for a PG-13 vibe; no explicit content, but players should know that “This game is designed to tell stories that include flirting, romance, dates, kissing, making out, and light kink (fuzzy handcuffs, a chest harness, fursuits, etc.).” We’ll be using lines and veils, the X Card, and open table as safety tools, and will follow the Gauntlet Community Code of Conduct.

Sessions will be three hours on StreamYard, with short breaks on the hour. Sessions will be recorded only with consent from all players.

Open sign-ups from 11:30am February 10 AEDT.

Session one:
Session two:
Session three:
Session four: