Visigoths vs Mall Goths: Sextet Playtest #1 and #2

Visigoths vs. Mall Goths is a tabletop roleplaying game and dating sim about the conflicts and romances among the warriors who sacked ancient Rome and 20th century spooky teens, set in a shopping mall in a Los Angeles suburb in 1996. There are a lot of bisexuals.

The game is currently in development, so we’ll be recording this session, and will invite designer @oh_theogony to watch and take notes.

Because this is a game driven by the adventures of hormonal teens, we’ll have a thorough consent and cooperation discussion beforehand, and X-Card/Script Change, Lines & Veils, and Open Door will all be in use during play.

This will be the first time I’m running the game with 6 players, so please understand there may be a few hiccups, but I’ll do my level best to make sure we have a Rome-sacking, mascara-applying, hilarious good time.

THESE ARE ONE-SHOT GAMES, but feel free to sign up for both sessions, we’d love if you tried both sides of the Mall Goth/Visigoth divide!

Session #1: 2019-09-19T00:00:00Z:
Session #2: 2019-09-26T00:00:00Z: