Voidheart Symphony: Break the Chains! (Mondays 5:30-9 PM PST July-September)

Posting: https://app.playabl.io/games/161

This is a posting for a quarterly run of Voidheart Symphony by Minerva McJanda, a game powered by the apocalypse about mundane people who have discovered that the injustice and inequality underlying the institutions of their city are being empowered by a parasitic dimension feeding off of our suffering. Together, we’re going to band together to venture into demon-filled labyrinths, take down the Castle’s avatars, and take back our city!

The big touchstone for the game is obviously Persona 5, if the characters were more explicitly revolutionary in their goals, but another media source that speak to me for inspiration are NK Jemisin’s The Great Cities novels.

We’ll be making use of script change, the x-card, lines and veils, as well as the Open Hearth’s Open Door policy.

This game will take place over Zoom and will be recorded only if everyone involved gives their consent.

A seat has been reserved for Jesse A.