Wanting to run a game, but

Hi folks,

I’d like to GM a one-shot Dungeon World campaign here. I read that the protocol is to be a player in a couple of games first, which makes total sense . The trouble is that the calendar is booked out really far :-(. Is there any other way of checking to see that I am not crazy (like a quick chat with a forum moderator?). If not, I understand!



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Having folks play with us a few times-- either on the regular Gauntlet Calendar or during one of our Gauntlet Community Open Gaming events-- is a really important part of what we do here. It helps people get a sense of our play culture and whether that’s a fit for them. Sometimes it isn’t. It also give folks a sense of our practices and structures. It’s also a good way to connect with people and show folks you’re someone they’d want to play with again.

I just put a post up about some ideas for what to do if you’re having trouble getting into sessions. Since October just opened up, it’s a great time to post requests. Also note that our next Gauntlet Community Open Gaming will be at the end of September. That’s free and registration will open Sept 6th.


Makes sense, I’ll check out the open gaming thing on the 6th :slight_smile: