We’re taking pitches for Codex - Blood 3!

The Codex team is taking pitches for Codex - Blood 3! We publish original games, supplements for existing games, and hacks. If you are unfamiliar with Codex and want to get a sense of what the zine is like, you can get a free copy of Codex - Emerald on our website:

Here are the general terms and details for accepted pitches:

  • We pay .06 USD per word upon publication of your text.
  • We have the right to use the text in Codex - Blood 3 and compilations that include Codex - Blood 3. The text is otherwise yours.
  • Any art and layout we commission to accompany your text belongs to us.
  • Draft deadlines for accepted pitches: 09.10.19

You can post your pitches here in the replies or you can send them to gauntletpublish@gmail.com



Just to be clear the text of the submission still belongs to the author, who can sell it again or publish it on their own. It’s just the art and layout the Gauntlet commissions which belong to the Gauntlet.


Also, if I remember correctly, you can submit previous works. Such as games created for a game jam.


That is correct. (And here I am typing something to meet min character count)


That is also correct, though I am MUCH less inclined to publish something that is already on sale somewhere else.


Would it be possible to submit something with your own art in it?

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Right now we’re just looking for pitches (short paragraphs explaining your idea). Art decisions are made after we accept a pitch and receive a draft. That said, we’re open to it, but the style definitely needs to conform to the visual language of the zine, which is a big focus for us.


These are the last days of Vespailing. For generations our city has been site of pilgrimage, but these past nine months the peninsula bridge has been impassable. Endless crowds of wasps assault those beyond safe walls.

Far beneath our cloisters is a library, and there we found a folktale from the time before the wending, and there we found our solution. If we create a colossal blood sausage and hang it in the belfry, the wasps will come, and the wasps will die, and again we can safely resume our duties.

Vespailing sets the players as Sisters of the Lone Steeple, a grand cathedral in a rotten Gothic city besieged by necrotising wasps. It draws on the horror tones of Bloodborne using a system derived from Rowan, Rook and Decard’s Skyfarer and The Witch is Dead. It’s intended to play as a single arc of three short sessions but its region, threat, and dressing tables also offer the cursed Vespailing as an adventure site for other games.

If this is something you think would be a good fit, I’m happy to discuss scope here or on email at sean@bookseansmith.co.uk, whichever is easier

So it sounds like, if we’re submitting a game draft for Big Bad Game Jam that we want to be eligible for Codex submission later, we should not let it be included in the anthology they’ll sell for scholarship fundraising. Is that correct?

Hey folks!

I submitted a pitch for a game about a boxing match (with “Blood”, I think it fits quite well, right, :slight_smile: ).
Did you receive it well?


We got it, thanks! Will reply soon.

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That’s my preference, but it’s not a deal breaker for a good pitch.

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Thanks, Sean. I’ll email you either way.

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I wrote the pitch in a pdf which I attached to the email I’ve sent. Hope that’s ok.

We got it, thanks! Will take a look soon.