Weird West Anthology (Tuesdays in Feb/Mar)

An anthology of Weird West games
You do not have to sign up for every one of these; while connected they are stand-alone games.

Including: Slayers: Dust, Gun & Slinger, Dream Aflame.

Note on the Genre - quoting the Gun&Slinger forward:
“Our dearest wishes are for our project to separate the Western genre from it’s long history celebrating ideals of genocide and colonialism, bringing a more positive and creative energy for a healthier experience while still acknowledging associated issues.”

This series of games all have a Weird West tone, and I intend to frame them all in the same world, albeit separated by time or space so that we don’t have to constrain ourselves too closely to events in previous games.

As such, while it’s highly recommended that you play all of the sessions for each individual game, you aren’t expected to sign up to all three games.

Slayers: Dust

Dust. A desert in the middle of a city; The City to be exact. The sounds of forges echo off the mountains, punctuated by the blast of a six-shooter. Slingers are judge, jury, and executioner. This place is so damned, even our monsters are cursed.
So read my words, and read 'em well, Slayer. Because all that monster hunting you did back in The City ain’t gonna mean spit out here if you end up with a bullet in the back of your head.
Welcome to Dust.

Dust is a supplemental zine for the Slayers, a tabletop RPG of mercenaries and monster hunters for hire. Known by locals as Slayers, players wander a haunted city, cursed long ago to expand towards the horizon forever. Slayers help clean out the monsters that infest the alleyways and shadows, and those that the city seems to be manifesting on its own.

Session 1 2022-02-08T20:00:00Z2022-02-08T23:00:00Z

Session 2 2022-02-15T20:00:00Z2022-02-15T23:00:00Z

Session 3 2022-02-22T20:00:00Z2022-02-22T23:00:00Z

Gun & Slinger

Gun & Slinger is an RPG geared for short, episodic sessions about a weapon and a wanderer. A Maestro and two players (Gun and Slinger) set out into a dead planet mutated by a god’s forgotten child and hunt strange bounties, investigate the world and unlock hidden powers. During play, they seek to learn the nature of what’s hunting the Slinger, figure out why the Gun is sentient and discover how the world died.

Session 1 2022-03-01T20:00:00Z2022-03-01T23:00:00Z

Session 2 2022-03-08T20:00:00Z2022-03-08T23:00:00Z

Session 3 2022-03-15T20:00:00Z2022-03-15T23:00:00Z

Dream Aflame

Dream Aflame is a GMless three-player tabletop RPG in which you play as desperate survivors in a desolate land of magic and danger - and also as the land and its denizens. In it, you are responsible for your own survival, and that of your Wicked triad. It’s up to you to learn how well you handle that responsibility, and what relationships grow as a result. Will you learn strange secrets? Will you build something that can last? Will you simply survive, bickering and bitter all the while, or will something sweeter bloom from the toxic ground?

The game uses the Belonging Outside Belonging system, famously originated in Avery Alder’s game Dream Askew, and draws inspiration from a multitude of sources, including the video game Pyre and the music of The Dead South.

Session 1 2022-03-22T20:00:00Z2022-03-22T23:00:00Z

Session 2 2022-03-29T19:00:00Z2022-03-29T22:00:00Z

RSVPs open to all on December 10th at 2pm GMT

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