Welcome to April and the New Paradigm

With it being the start of April, the Gauntlet Calendar opens up for June. We still have room in May, so check the calendar for good spots. We’ve implemented a fix to the calendar so GMs should be notified when someone signs up and when someone moves from the waitlist to the event. Players should also now be notified when they bump up from the waitlist.

We have made a temporary change to calendar posting-- GMs may post events as little as a week out. The priority RSVP window should be set to just three days out. We usually encourage GMs not to have events overhang across months, but we’re inclined to be lax about that right now.

A other few reminders for those posting events.

  • Please post your events here on the Gauntlet Forums
  • GMs it is legit to mark the first 48 or 72 hours of access as restricted to a particular group who might otherwise not get access: new Gauntleteers, people you haven’t run for yet, members of a marginalized community. If you do so, make sure you put that at the top of your event description on the calendar and when you post it.
  • If you’re wondering what to run, check out what’s being talked about here. On the flip side, if you’re a player looking for a particular game or even particular time, consider posting and talking about what you want to play. GMs if you have someone make a request, feel free to save them a seat. Just post the session with one fewer players.
  • If you’re planning on recording your event, make sure you say that in your event description. It’s also important to tell people if you’ll be contacting them via a group email. Finally, given the state of our video options it’s a decent idea to mention what you’ll be using for the session (Streamyard, jitsi, Zoom, etc).
  • Remember to send out emails a week ahead of your sessions to help get people situated.