What are your favorite journaling RPGs?

Thousand Year Old Vampire by Tim Hutchings is fabulous.

I am reading through it and am now a big fan.

I love how it provides incite into its:

  1. subject-mater (the embodied reality of immortality),
  2. human nature (the relationship between memory and identity), and
  3. the craft of a journaling game itself (it contains essentially a mood-board of vampire related photographs and mechs that really capture the sense of stumbling through eras).

I have never played a single player journaling RPG before.

What are your favorite journaling games? And how do they explore the intersection of journaling and role-playing in compelling new ways?



Does it have to be solo ? Because I love the premise in Yowl! a TrpAdvisr page for a weird hotel.

A multi-player journaling game! Please, do tell…

Err nothing more : people leaving reviews about the place, one after the other. A bit like an epistolary game, only each one is solo, hence : journaling, multi-solo ? It goes straight to the juice. You can look it up on itch : https://zargogames.itch.io/yowl

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I enjoyed playing The Wretched, doing your little “Ships Log: I’m so *****ed” each day was fun.