What are your favorite scenarios to run in Cthulhu Dark?

I’m looking to run some Cthulhu Dark one-shots, anybody have thoughts about good scenarios? (Note: One of these may end up a GCoG session).

Ideally, if it’s explicitly Lovecraftian, I want something that interrogates andsubverts Lovecraft’s xenophobia, but I’d also be very open to scenarios that work well with the system but don’t engage with mythos at all. I’ve read Harlem Unbound, but am unsure which scenarios are well suited to tight one shot play, so if anybody here has played them, I’d be curious about that as well. Thanks folks!


I’ve only run Fairyland by Scott Dorward, but it was extremely creepy (with one particularly disturbing scene that you’d have to decide whether your players would be OK with).


I ran The Black Chateau from the Trail of Cthulhu scenario book Shadows over Filmland. It ran really nicely with Cthulhu Dark and I found I didn’t need to do any conversion beforehand, I just ran with it.

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