What do you most want to play this Autumn and why?

So … What’s on your wish list … as GM &/or Player?
For my part I’m hoping to work my through my settings wishlist: Achtung! Cthulhu Dark; Night’s Black Agents; Scion; Dresden Files; Soliman Kane; and 7th Sea.

My system wishlist … Band of Blades &/or Blades in the Dark; Tides of Gold &/or Rapscallion; Urban Shadows; Sprawl &/or Veil.

What are you interested in?


At the moment, Into the Odd is top of mind for me. There are other games I want to play more of, but that’s one I have not experienced but am trying to make time for.


I want to run some more Scum & Villainy and something urban fantasy-ish, Urban Shadows perhaps. I also want to finish the Kult game I’m running on RPGnet.

Good Society is also high on my list. And I’d like to play some good old fashioned tactical bashy F20. One in my group wants to run the D&D 5e quickstart so that may be it.

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I forgot The Between … no pressure @jasoncordova … OK … maybe a little pressure … the lightest of delicate pressures …


I’m hoping to get in a Night’s Black Agents game, along with some FitD play and continuing to whittle through Seven Wonders.


Hi @JHorowitz - Night's Black Operators: The Lisky Bratva
70% of Gauntlet seats are filled from the Waitlist …


I have an eternal list of PbtA games I want to play (The Veil & Urban Shadows are the first that come to mind but there are so many more), but a newer one I’ve really had my eye on lately is Armour Astir.

As for why, as a huge fan of mecha anime and PbtA, I’m really excited to see someone making a game specifically for that genre. For the past few years trying to scratch that itch has been a matter of trying to make do with various hacks to The Sprawl, The Veil, or Uncharted Worlds, which are all great games in their own rights, but there’s something particularly satisfying about playing a game you know was really intended for the experience you’re after-- and from what I’ve seen of early drafts, the author is doing a great job ^___^

Also, outside of my usual PbtA wheelhouse but still firmly in my weeb wheelhouse, I’ve been really interested in Ryuutama and Tenra Bansho Zero for awhile now and would love to play both of those some day.


Soft Horizon (probably Sand Dogs, though The King Machine looks great). I have wanted to run this on Gauntlet Hangouts all year! Soon, I hope…

I’m also hoping to run either Silent Titans, Ultraviolet Grasslands, or Invisible Sun for a group in person. I could use a break from playtesting my own stuff.


The chap who runs the London OSR meet is putting on a game of the Fria Ligan Alien game in a few weeks and I am excited for that!


This quickly became too long (I want to try so many games!) so I’ll cut it to a few:

I just read the Ward today (basically ER/Scrubs the game) and I really want to GM it. I never thought I’d say that about a medical game (since that’s my day job) but the moves really capture the genre and I think it could be fun to weave in the silly and serious mix of the game.

I enjoyed Familiars of Terra, so I want to try the seemingly darker AHP games of Witch: Fated Souls and Afterlife: Wandering Souls. I don’t have a reason beyond I really like FoT and now I’m super interested in the designer’s work.

Finally, I haven’t played Torchbearer in a long time and I’m starting to miss it. I find it to be one of the least stressful games to GM, and the focus on describing environments and classic dungeon crawling is really different from the PbtA and Forged in the Dark games I’ve mostly played this past year.


I really want to get some of my friends together to play Ten Candles, maybe around Halloween (it seems so perfectly atmospheric). I’m also hoping to play Good Society and get more experience with it until I feel comfortable enough to facilitate it. And maybe Monsterhearts, since I just started reading it and it seems so good.


I want to try to run classic Cyberpunk 2020 published scenarios using The Veil 2020, Digital Shades and others low crunch cyberpunk games. I am mostly doing this for game design reasons and to get writing material for the trans positive cyberpunk zine I am working on.

I also want to play Soft Horizon games because I am working on one (with the support of Brad).

I want to try the Mother Ship’s module I worked on as a consultant (I gave feedback on trans representation). I want to try the module but also Mother Ship itself.

I have also been thinking of running a small game of Changeling the Dreaming for a while, I guess that autumn could be a good time for this. (But I am too lazy to re-read the core book).

I still want to try to run a PbtA game but I have a hard time finding a stable group of 3 or 4 players to play online in french. I often only have access to one, maybe two players.


as a player…

Bite Me, Demigods, Eotenweard, Hogwarts, Monster of the Week, Urban Shadows, The Warren

some day i’d like to try fate accelerated or dresden files accelerated

Macchiato monsters too, just good blend of crunch/freedom.

as for why? well i like medium paced cooperative stories, being someone not myself is pretty high up there too


To GM/MC: Second for Rapscallion! Also looking to check out the other Magpie Ashcan, Passing.

Rob Bohl’s Demihumans is approaching ready-for-prime-time and I’m jazzed about it.

@jasoncordova mentioned elsewhere that we should see a playtest packet for The Between in the near term, so that’s on the list to try and run a few sessions as well.

To just play, I’d love to get a multiple-session run of Mothership, assuming I could find someone to run it, and not to be a suck-up or anything, but I am also quite excited for the games of Night’s Black Operators we’ve got lined up!


Ohhhh! I’ve read the quickstart (of Aliens) and it looks interesting. Are the full rules out there yet?

My god! Yes … I could get all those CP2020 books off the shelf that I never got around to playing when they came out! And maybe add in the original Shadowrun modules without the fantasy races … Damn … Another whole shelf to add to the ‘bring to the table’ list.
‘The Arasaka Brainworm’ was covered … last year(?) … on the Gauntlet’s Fear of a Black Dragon podcast.

There’s quite a vibrant German community on the Gauntlet - maybe post a topic here in French and see who puts their hand up.


Consider your ‘up’ ‘sucked’ @JimLikesGames. I was sufficiently encouraged by last week’s first outing of NBO to put 5 sessions up in October.

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If there are, I’ve yet to see them.

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I’d like to get into a session of Stonetop or some other fantasy RPG that has a strong community-building element.